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Peace of Mind Sales Management Capabilities

Strategy Deliverables for Your Firm

SMG's Sales Management services pay's considerable attention to the structure of your sales force. Our model for organizing a sales team can progress from the more general to the more specific, from the more strategic to the more tactical, from macros to micros. 


The following 5 Functions/Steps represent SMG's Core Sales Management Capabilities and Service Offerings.


1. Channels

Working alongside our clients we help pinpoint the right channels that are most efficient for reaching and serving their target customers. Looking at such areas as:

  • Are their own direct sales people more effective or some combination of indirect sales organizations / channel partners?

  • Will they use a combination of distributors, brokers, sales representative organizations, telesales, / digital marketing, ecommerce, home shopping television channels, systems integrators, value-added distributors, or retailers?


2. Architecture 

Once they choose the appropriate combination of sales channels, the second decision is how to organize these challenges: by product line, major customer or market segment, function, geography, or no restrictions. We refer to this as salesforce architecture. 

3. Deployment and Sizing

Moving from the more general to the more specific, next we help our clients to decide how many salespeople they will need and gridding (if necessary) the boundaries of each person's territory. We refer to this as deploying and sizing. 

4. Tactical Execution

Next is tactical execution; we analyze and help our clients sales manager/leader in assisting their salespeople in time and territory management in addressing the following key takeaways with their tactical execution strategy, such as:

  • How can their salespeople best allocate their time in the territory between prospecting for new customers and further penetration of existing accounts?

  • How frequently should their top accounts be visited versus less important customers?

  • How can their salespeople most efficiently travel in their assigned territories?


5. Strong Sales Leadership 

SMG realizes that today’s sales leaders identify organic growth, demand generation and sales talent as top priorities for the success of their sales organizations. This leadership position plays an integral role in any organization that is intent on achieving its sales targets and maintaining a competitive edge in the market, especially growing SMB companies. It’s the driving force behind a high-performing sales team, setting the tone, establishing the vision, and effectively guiding the team towards successful results. here are some key takeaways that SMG helps small business owners and sales leaders implement so they can grow their revenues and scale their companies to new heights:


  • Optimize go-to-market strategies and enhance sales processes.

  • Align sales processes and design to support the commercial goals of the business.

  • Structure sales processes and programs to increase adoption while adapting to a constantly changing selling environment.

  • Build consensus with sales operations and enablement teams to make data-driven decisions that support the customer experience.

  • Drive frontline manager effectiveness, retain talent and motivate teams during times of uncertainty.

  • Evaluate their current revenue technology stack and prioritize new technology investments.

  • Develop onboarding programs that reduce time to productivity and set new sellers up for a career of high performance.

  • Ensure a healthy pipeline and get best practices on how to successfully move prospects through the sales cycle.

  • Develop ongoing training and coaching programs that fill knowledge gaps and increase seller productivity.

  • Better utilize collaboration and training tools and technologies in a hybrid/remote workplace.

  • Strengthen partnerships with marketing and product teams for clear and consistent go-to-market messaging.


Channel choice, architecture, deployment, tactical execution and strong sales leadership when properly implemented and deployed can dramatically impact revenues, profits and cost. As with compensation, the rapidly changing economic landscape dictates a semi-annual or annual review of all these issues.

SMG has the experience and talent to help SMB firms implement these 5 key steps/functions.   

Let us show you how we can help you create a healthy high performance sales team


53% of sales professionals believe personalizing the buying process to each prospect will become more important in the future. In today's competitive market, a one-size-fits-all approach is no longer sufficient; buyers not only want personalization, they expect it. 
- Hubspot

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