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Sales force management is a process; one step logically follows another. Control the pieces and you control the whole. SMG's services is devoted in implementing the necessary pieces that could be or are missing within the sales management process of your company.

After 35 years in the sales trenches, we believe that each piece builds on the right model or methodology, showing how important your marketing and sales management need to work together and how your business strategy will drive the right tactics.

As a business owner or one who wishes to jump into sales management in today's hyper competitive and fast moving economy, having a clear understanding of each step in your business development process and developing a holistic system with which each of the pieces create for your organization, is crucial in achieving your organizations growth objectives.

When it comes to sales management, each organization we survey is different. Some sales leaders are inspirational motivators but don't understand the process for hiring salespeople. Others excel at coaching but don't understand the necessity for performance evaluations. Few people understand and implement the entire process. As a result, weak sales and sales management are the Achilles' heel of most companies today. 

Most sales organizations need to be reengineered like a well oiled machine to increase capacity and productivity. It is for that reason, SMG (Sales Management Group, LLC) was created.


We believe that sound sales management when properly applied is the least expensive, most effective way to beat the competition, increase dollars of revenue, profit and margins, market share, cash flow, return on investment, and net present value for our clients.

Let us show you how we can help you create a healthy high performance sales team


Improving sales performance requires a combination of strategic planning, continuous learning, effective communication, and a customer-centric approach.By intentionally seeking to grow personally or as a sales team, you’ll gain the skills to build lasting customer relationships and achieve remarkable results. 

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