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Peace of Mind Sales Management Capabilities

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"Unlocking Your Sales Potential: Overcome Lackluster Performance"

Are you putting in the hours to drive sales growth, only to be met with disappointing outcomes or a sense of being stuck in a rut? If that sounds familiar, you may find yourself encountering situations such as:

  1. Ineffective Lead Generation: Difficulty in consistently generating qualified leads to feed the sales pipeline.

  2. Poor Sales Performance: Sales team failing to meet targets or achieve desired revenue goals.

  3. Lack of Sales Strategy: Absence of a clear, structured sales strategy and plan for acquiring and retaining customers.

  4. Inefficient Sales Processes: Manual or outdated sales processes leading to inefficiencies and delays in closing deals.

  5. Limited Sales Training and Development: Insufficient training and development programs for sales teams, hindering their ability to effectively sell products or services.

  6. Inadequate Sales Tools and Technology: Lack of proper tools and technology to support sales efforts, such as CRM systems or sales enablement platforms.

  7. Difficulty in Sales Forecasting: Challenges in accurately forecasting sales revenue and predicting future sales performance.

  8. High Turnover Rates: Difficulty in retaining top sales talent, leading to high turnover rates within the sales team.

  9. Poor Customer Relationship Management: Failure to effectively manage and nurture customer relationships post-sale, leading to customer dissatisfaction and churn.

  10. Limited Understanding of Customer Needs: Insufficient understanding of customer needs and pain points, resulting in ineffective sales messaging and value proposition delivery.


What you might be encountering is a common realization among successful businesses: selling products and services is just one aspect of running a thriving operation. Without comprehensive sales processes and resources at every stage of the sales cycle, challenges like those mentioned can persist, jeopardizing your sales performance and detracting from the enjoyment of running your business.


Addressing these issues typically involves implementing effective sales strategies, providing comprehensive training and support to the sales team, investing in the right tools and technology, and continuously refining sales processes based on performance data and customer feedback.

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Bill Shapcott


SMG | Sales Management Group, LLC

Experience You Can Count On

Since I am the face of my business, it is important for me to link myself to my services and offerings. This helps me connect with people in a way that businesses without a face can’t. My prospects and clients know who they’re working with and that means a lot to them. 

My focus has always been to empower proactive SMB firms that want to increase dollars of revenue, and margins, market share, cash flow, ROI, and net present value, as well as create healthy high-performance sales cultures, to beat their competition and become a trusted brand.

Since 1998, I helped build and manage three national sales teams that produced consulting revenues north of $100M. On April 2014, I co-founded and served as VP of Sales for a professional services firm and helped grow it organically from 6 to 130 employees achieving eight figures in four years, a 1900% growth rate landing on the INC500 in 2017 as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in America and the INC5000 in three subsequent years afterwards.

With my experience, I can help you get the sales results you're looking for. I partner with clients to grow their business in financially sustainable ways so they reach and exceed their goals.

Proven Success With:

Entrepreneurial owners and their leadership teams that are: open minded, respectful, appreciative, growth oriented, frustrated, want help, willing to be open, honest and vulnerable.

10 to 150 Employees

500K to 10M in Revenue

B2B Services


Self-Performing Contractors

I.T. SaaS Firms

Sales Consultant

It's Time To Get More of What You Want From Your Sales!

Case Studies

SMG case-study 1

The Wrong Sales Process

Find out on how we solved the problem of a professional services company whose junior sales reps were all missing their numbers

SMG case-study-2

Promoting Top Rep to Sales Manager

Discover how we helped a medium-sized software company (SaaS) by looking at the skills training of their top sales reps turned managers.

SMG case-study3

Critical Sales Performance Indicators

Find out what happens when you ignore your critical sales performance indicators.

SMG case-study4

Not Selling the Whole Solution

See how we helped a medical-equipment company whose revenues were down.

Growth chart with Sales People

Build a Better Business and a Better Life

With SMG for Proven Sales Systems, Methods and Controls to Turbo Charge Your Sales

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My Why

In all my endeavors, I am driven by a commitment to enhancing sales performance and enriching the lives of business owners. I firmly believe that each business owner serves as the cornerstone of our economy. My passion lies in creating tangible value and fostering empowerment among my clients, facilitating their growth on both personal and professional levels

My Mission

My mission is to empower every small business owner with the knowledge and tools to rapidly generate more leads, attract more clients, and increase revenue and profitability. I strive to ensure that my programs are straightforward and accessible, designed to be easily implemented and comprehended. It is my responsibility to furnish them with precise, state-of-the-art information essential for crafting the businesses they aspire to build.

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